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Mastermind Club Quiz 2017

Number 13


Questions set by Tony Bell


Here are the literal English translations of some place names in the world. By what names are these places usually known?


   January River - Rio de Janiero, Brazil


                             Black Pool - Dublin, Ireland


                             Fragrant Harbour - Hong Kong, China


                             Merchant's Harbour - Copenhagen, Denmark 


                             Second Lake - Rotorua, New Zealand


                             Sheltered Harbour - Honolulu, Hawaii, USA


                             Saint Francis - San Francisco, California, USA


                             The Angels - Los Angeles, California, USA 


                              Muddy Water - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


                              Northern Capital - Beijing, China


                              White House  - Casablanca, Morocco


                              Royal Mountain - Montréal, Quebec, Canada


                              Island Fort - Stockholm, Sweden


                              New City - Naples, Italy


                              Fair Winds - Buenos Aires, Argentina 


Mastermind Club Quiz 2017

Number 14

Questions set by John Grasham



                                          Round 1 – Geography

  1. Pyongyang is the capital of which country? North Korea
  2. Spandau prison was located in which city?  Berlin
  3. What is the largest man made lake in Egypt? Lake Nasser
  4. Which city on the Danube was formed in 1873 when two separate cities on either bank merged to form a larger city? Budapest
  5. Birmingham is the largest city in which American state? Alabama
  6. Which country has a Mediterranean coastline and is directly north of Israel?  Lebanon
  7. What was the Democratic Republic of Congo called between 1908 and 1960?  The Belgian Congo
  8. What was Saigon renamed in 1976? Ho Chi Minh City
  9. Which large tourist attraction was opened east of Paris, France in 1992?  Disneyland Paris
  10. What is the capital of the American state of Arkansas?

                                         Round 2 – History

  1. Which US President had a middle name consisting of only one letter?  Harry S Truman
  2. Who is the only person to be sentenced to death in the state of Israel?  Adolf Eichmann
  3. What was the name of the pope between 1605 and 1621 who is known for the persecution of Gallileo?  Paul V
  4. Which famous figure was born Malcolm Little in Omaha, Nebraska in 1925?    Malcom X
  5. Who was the first American woman in Space?  Sally Ride
  6. Who was nicknamed the Subway Vigilante by the American press in 1984?   Bernie Goetz
  7. What was the name of the drug given to pregnant women between 1958 and 1961 to cure morning sickness that caused malformation of the limbs of their children? Thalidomide
  8. Who founded the standard oil company in 1870?                John D Rockefeller
  9. Who was succeeded by his wife Isabel as president of Argentina in 1974?   Juan Peron
  10. What was the name of the 1954 battle in Vietnam that was a disastrous defeat for the French army? Dien Bien Phu

                                Round 3 – Sport and Leisure

  1. Which Norwegian football club won thirteen successive top flight titles between 1992 and 2004?  Rosenberb BK
  2. Who fought Roberto Duran in the brawl in Montreal in 1980?    Sugar Ray Leonard
  3. Where did the Los Angeles Dodgers play their home games until 1957?    Brooklyn
  4. In which sport is the World Series consisting of 7 games every year?   Baseball
  5. What was the nickname of the footballer Stuart Pearce? Pyscho
  6. Which famous figure was Cristiano Ronaldo named after? Ronald Regan
  7. What is the surname of the Sri Lankan cricketer with the first name Napolean?   Einstien
  8. What surname is given to a fifty mile walk such as the one between Louth and Skegness and back that took place in the 1950s?  Kennedy
  9. What name is given to the toy which consists of a round tube that rotated around the body?   Hula Hoop
  10. Who became Heavyweight world champion in 1962 after knocking out Floyd Patterson in the first round?               Sonny Liston

                                               Round 4 – Music

  1. Which musical features the songs ‘Some Enchanted Evening’ and ‘There’s Nothing Like A Dame’?   South Pacific
  2. Which pianist is famous for having a candelabra on his piano?   Liberace
  3. Who became the first music director of the NBC Symphony Orchestra in 1937?   Arturo Toscanini
  4. Which country is the rapper Psy from, famous for the song Gangnam Style?  
  5. Who composed ‘Peter and the Wolf’ in 1936? Sergie Prokofiev
  6. Don MacLean’s album American Pie was dedicated to which musician?    Buddy Holly
  7. Which band consists of four members called Paul Hewson, Dave Evans, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr?    U2
  8. Who has had more UK number one singles than anyone else with 21?     Elvis Presley
  9. Which film is well known for POW’s whistling the Colonel Bogey march?   Bridge over the River Kwai
  10. Which song by Bill Haley and the Comets reached number one in the UK in 1955?  'Rock Around the Clock'

                                    Round 5 – General Knowledge

  1. Which is the UK brand name for Polyethylene terephthalate?  Dacron
  2. What is the name of the American soap opera that aired on ABC between 1964 and 1969 that launched the career of Mia Farrow among others?   Peyton Place
  3. What is the name of the yellow bird in the Peanuts cartoon strip?   Woodstock
  4. What is the three letter airport code for the largest airport in New York?  JFK
  5. Who wrote the book ‘On The Road’?   Jack Kerouac
  6. What English word is the equivalent of Zegnaj in Polish, la revedere in Romanian and viszlat in Hungarian? Goodbye
  7. Which American singer was born Ernest Evans in 1941? Chubby Checker
  8. The British version of which game show was hosted by Nicky Campbell, Bradley Walsh and John Leslie? Wheel of Fortune
  9. Edward Jenner is well known for pioneering the first what? Vaccine
  10. John Hurt provided the voiceover for a 1986 public information film warning of the dangers of what?   AIDS

                                           Round 6 – Connections

  1. Which film won eleven Oscars in 1959?   Ben Hur
  2. Great Ormond Street in London own the copyright to which JM Barrie play?    Peter Pan
  3. Who led Free France from England in the second world war? Charles de Gaulle
  4. What was the purpose of the clinic founded by Marie Stopes in London?   Birth Control
  5. What was the name of the first satellite launched into space by the Soviet Union in October 1957?  Sputnik 1
  6. Cosa Nostra meaning our thing is another name for which organisation?    Mafia
  7. Who was the first president of South Korea? Syngman Rhee
  8. Which 1962 film is famous for having no female speaking parts?   Lawrence of Arabia
  9. Apart from Earth, Air and Water what is the fourth element according to the ancient Greeks?  Fire
  10. What is the connection? All the answers feature in the lyrics of We didn't start the fire  by Billy Joel 


Mastermind Club Quiz 2017

Number 15

Questions set by Maya Davis

Greek / Roman Quiz


 1/ Who, according to legend, was the second King of Rome?

Numa Pompilius
2/ Which land-battle in Greek history took place at roughly the same time as the sea-battle of Artemisium against the invading Persian fleet?  Thermopylae
3/What Roman building took its unofficial (but now better-known) name from a huge golden statue of Nero which had previously occupied that spot?  Flavian Amphitheatre = Colosseum
4/Whose actual last words, in Greek, were quoted at the time as ‘You too, my child?’ Julius Caesar’s – thus confirming in many people’s minds the earlier rumour of a long-standing  affair between Caesar and Sempronia, Brutus’ mother
5/ Whom did Speusippus succeed as head of the Academy in Athens?   Plato
6/ We usually know Roman aristocrats by their ‘third name’ or cognomen. ‘Enobarbus’ in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra is a misspelling of this character’s real cognomen, which meant ‘bronze-beard.’ What was his real cognomen? Ahenobarbus
7/ What was the original profession of the philosopher Socrates? Stone-mason
8/ What relation was the Emperor Tiberius to the Emperor Augustus?

Step-son; later ‘adopted’ to legitimise his position as heir
9/ What was unusual about Incitatus, appointed Consul by the Emperor Gaius in about 39 AD?

He was a race-horse; Gaius is the real name of Caligula.
10/ The Ara Pacis (= Altar of Peace) is one of the most significant monuments of ancient Rome. Whose achievements does it commemorate? Emperor Augustus
11/ Which of the Greek states routinely had two kings ruling simultaneously?    Sparta
12/ The city of Naucratis was a major trading port for all Greek states. In which country was it?     Egypt
13/ Who claimed to have founded 71 cities, all named after himself and 1 named after his horse?    Alexander the Great
 14/ The Athenian orator Demosthenes’ speeches against Philip II of Macedon were the model for the speeches of Cicero called the Philippics, delivered after the death of Julius Caesar. Against whom were these speeches directed?   Marc Antony
15/ Who produced the first official law-code at Athens, known for its harsh penalties?     Drakon/Draco.
16/ Who was Emperor of Rome at the time of the eruption of Vesuvius?    Titus
17/ Horatius Cocles (legendary defender of Rome against invading Etruscans), the Carthaginian general Hannibal and Philip II of Macedon had all suffered the same type of injury by the time of their deaths. What was it?     Loss of an eye
18/ Which Greek city had an elite fighting force known as the Sacred Band?       Thebes
19/ Which Roman poet was exiled to Tomi on the Black Sea by Augustus for possible involvement in the promiscuity of Augustus’ daughter Julia?    Ovid
20/ Claudius was the first Roman emperor to be born outside Italy. In which city was he born? Lugdunum  in Gaul = Lyon, France







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