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 The Mugnum

The Mugnum is a quiz held at the annual reunion, with the questions being set by members attending the function.

The traditional prize is a mug. However since 2001 a piece of Venetian glass mounted on a wooden base, has also been awarded to the winner.

The trophy was presented to the club by Peter Chitty, a 1987 contender. Peter served the Club for many years as Membership Secretary, until his death in 2011.

     "Mugnum" Winners

1982 David Flower
1983 Sue Jenkins
1984 John Sykes
1985 Keith Bogle
1986 Sue Jenkins
1987 Keith Bogle
1988 David Blackman
1989 Kevin Ashman
1990 Ella Thompson
1991 Patricia Owen
1992 Ray Ward
1993 Steve Williams
1994 Kevin Ashman
1995 Sonia Anderson
1996 Kevin Ashman
1997 Trevor Montague
1998 Sonia Anderson
1999 Sonia Anderson
2000 Kevin Ashman
2001 Howard Pizzey
2002 Sonia Anderson
2003 Helen Grayson
2004 David Edwards
2005 Robert Jones
2006 Kevin Ashman
2007 Kevin Ashman
2008 Sonia Anderson
2009 Mel Kinsey
2010 Kevin Ashman
2011 Mel Kinsey
2012 Kevin Ashman
2013 David Edwards
2014 John Wheeler
2015 Kevin Ashman
2016 Kevin Ashman
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