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 Eight of the United States of America have names beginning with M. Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi and Missouri are six, name either of the other two.

Maine or Montana

Blackpool scored a first for Britain in 1885 with what form of transport?  The Electric Tramway

Which post, often in the news, was held by Debby Reynolds between 2004 and 2007?   Chief Veterinary Officer
Blackpool is on the Lancashire coast but in which county is BlackpoolBridge?  Pembrokeshire (Just off the A40 halfway between St Clears and Haverfordwest)
What is measured on the Saffir-Simpson scale? Hurricanes
Which author, more famous for another investigator, wrote a series of detective stories featuring George Felse, his wife Bunty and son Dominic?  Ellis Peters (Edith Pargeter)

Of which country is Graham Bell Island a part?  Russia

What outdated material was deliberately used to build Blackpool’s North Pier in 1863?   Cast Iron
New Zealand has four, China five, Australia six and the USA 50. What?  Stars on their flags
Who said on TV "I don't have any guilty pleasures because pleasure is something you should never feel guilty about"? Nigella Lawson
What was the name of Peter Tinniswood’s BBC comedy series of the 1970s centred on Uncle Mort and the Brandon family?

I Didn’t Know You Cared
The ‘captive flying machines’, one of the oldest attractions of Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach, were designed by a man who gave his name to a famous invention of an entirely different kind. Who was he?  Sir Hiram Maxim
Who was the Blackpool player who was the first English footballer to be knighted?   Sir Stanley Matthews
What record in the natural world is held by the isotope Tellurium-128? 

 It has the longest-known half-life of an isotope (2.2 x 1024 years)

Which Briton was awarded the Order of Lenin in 1943?

George Formby
Central Paris is divided into a number of districts called arrondissements, spiralling out from the city centre. How many are there?  20
In which film did Clifton Webb play John Philip Sousa?

Stars & Stripes Forever
In which city does the Moselle join the Rhine?  Koblenz
With one exception, all the Queens of England from 1066 to 1154 had the same name. What was it? Matilda
Which fictional detective solved the case of the poisoned caterpillars? Miss Maud Silver (referred to in the works of Patricia Wentworth)
What did Blackpool pioneer for Great Britain in 1909?

Air Shows (First major one in Britain was in Blackpool in April 1909)
What do "Seasiders" and "Tangerines" have in common?

 They are both nicknames of Blackpool Football Club

Which US President served the shortest time in office?

William Henry Harrison – 1 month in 1841
What links Boris Karloff and Quentin Crisp?

They were both born Pratts (William Henry and Dennis respectively)
Apart from the fact they were all US Presidents, what links George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln?   They are the four heads depicted on Mount Rushmore
What do the following numbers have in common: 1, 2, 7, 9, 70, 71, 80 & 81?  They are numbers of BBC channels on Freeview
Which famous rock musician grew up in Blackpool and was educated at the local grammar school?

The great Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull

4th April 2009 is the 60th anniversary of the signing of the treaty bringing into being which organisation?

North Atlantic Treaty Orgaisation (NATO)
What did Harry Corbett purchase for 7s 6d on Blackpool’s North Pier in 1948?   Sooty
Who used the phrase “Colourless green ideas sleep furiously” to show that individual parts of an utterance should connect semantically, as well as syntactically, to be deemed “acceptable”?

Noam Chomsky
A team of “Little Mesters” formed which club, playing cricket on their half day off?    Sheffield Wednesday
What flows eastward at a rate of up to 150 million cubic metres per second?    The Antarctic Circumpolar Current

Name the artist who painted pictures known as “The Tempest”, “The Three Philosophers” and “Sleeping Venus”  Giorgio Barbarelli aka Giorgio da Castelfranco or Giorgione (1476/8-1510)

Which iconic Victorian building in Blackpool was ravaged by fire on 15th February 2009?  Yates Wine Lodg
 Stephen Blackpool is a leading character in which Charles Dickens novel?  Hard Times
Which performer was described by George W Bush as “The greatest threat to American children since Polio”?   Eminem
Who is the son of Indra and the chief hero of the Mahabharata?j


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